Well water and city water – Know what you’re drinking

Well water and public water systems are two well  known drinking water sources. No matter what households use , whether well water or public water that the municipality treats before reaching their faucets, people should invest in a water softener filter combo so they can receive pure, filtered and clean soft water.

It is important to know the difference between well water and city water, which passes through a treatment facility.

Do they get city water or well water?

Fifteen million people in the US are dependent on well water that is why this is among the most commonly used sources of water. If they have been living in their current residence for quite some time they would know if they are using city water Reno or well water. However, if they just moved to some new place, they should ask themselves the following questions to know where their water comes from?

Do they get a water bill?

If they receive a water bill, it means they are using city water since they are obliged to pay for the water treated by the government.

Do they see a water pump anywhere near the house?

If they notice a water pump or pressure tank nearby then they are using well water, which has to be pumped from time to time.

Do they need to treat their well water?

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA does not regulate well water. Therefore, if they are using well water, they are responsible for testing the quality of their water on a regular basis and have it treated to prevent it from getting contaminated by bacteria or virus.

More often than not, well water gets contaminated by bacteria and virus, among other contaminants. If the water is not treated by a water softener filter combo system, those who drink it may be susceptible to acute gastroenteritis disease.

When they have just moved to a new home, they should see to it that the water is tested by experts. They supply various types of certified laboratory tests to check the contaminants that exist in the water. This will help in deciding on the best water treatment plan.

How does the government treat city water?

The EPA regulates all municipal water supplies. The government facility treats city water by combining chlorine, chloramines and fluoride to neutralize the bacteria as well as other contaminants that cause waterborne diseases.

The problem is,  chemicals that are used for treating city water have their own issues. Chlorine, which is effective in disinfecting water, produces harmful byproducts. This can damage the central nervous system as well as increases the probability of getting kidney/liver cancer. Also, contaminants in hard water can shorten the lifespan of appliances that use water.

The Bottom Line

The most effective way to treat and obtain city water safe to drink Reno is by using a whole house water filtration system plus water softener system so that common contaminants like chlorine and heavy metals get filtered out and prevent hard water problems.