Understanding Hard Water and Its Effects on Your Home

  While water is crucial for every aspect of day-to-day life, not all water is created equal. Limescale buildup on faucets, soap scum in the shower, and stiff laundry can all be signs of hard water. Understanding what hard water is, its effects on your home, and how to recognize its presence will all go […]

The Impact of Clean Water on Skin and Hair Health: Clean Water for Clean Beauty

While the tap water here in Reno may be safe to drink, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for your skin and hair. In fact, water quality can have a huge impact on the health of your skin and hair.    Hard Water vs. Soft Water Hard or soft water all depends upon […]

What are the dangers waiting in unfiltered and untreated water?

Not sure why you should consider investing in water filtration? Check out a short list of dangers that might be lurking in unfiltered and untreated water: Bacteria Majority of pathogenic bacteria that is present in water is caused by humans/animal faeces that contaminate it. Disinfecting the water (with chlorine, for instance) often kills all the […]

What can a water filter do for your health?

Get Rid of Dissolved Organic Contaminants In addition to the main contaminants present in water such as chlorine and heavy metals, another concern regarding tap water is dissolved organics, which include drugs, pesticides and hormone residues. Since this issue is rather recent, this still needs to be investigated. Although there is no scientific proof that […]

Water softeners – Salt-based vs Salt free

Salt Based Water Softeners In essence, Water Softening is the removal of Calcium (Ca2+) as well as Magnesium (Mg2+) from water by means of an ion exchange process that makes use of polymer resin bed, which discharges a sodium particle to replace hardness minerals. A water test shows results such as this. Before treatment there […]

3 Water Filtration Issues That Can Affect The Quality of Water

The water filtration system for a home that is incorporated to its plumbing system gets rid of contaminants. Water filter issues must be repaired by a professional to prevent residents from becoming ill or exposed to harmful chemicals. If people are not satisfied with the look, taste and the odor of their home’s tap water, […]