3 Water Filtration Issues That Can Affect The Quality of Water

The water filtration system for a home that is incorporated to its plumbing system gets rid of contaminants. Water filter issues must be repaired by a professional to prevent residents from becoming ill or exposed to harmful chemicals.

If people are not satisfied with the look, taste and the odor of their home’s tap water, they can decide on a home water filtration system to address their water problems. Water filtration systems can eliminate a wide range of contaminants that result to water that tastes and smells better. In addition, such systems can allow them to save on expenses. Following you can discover 3 water filtration issues that affect the quality of your drinking water:

Water filtration systems are installed by plumbers in order for homeowners to benefit from healthy, tasty water that is free of contaminants. However, there are times when these water filtration systems encounter problems. If ignored and not treated, these could make the quality of drinking water even worse. Whatever problem a water filtration has, this can be repaired by a skilled service.

Dirty Filter

Perhaps the most common problem encountered by residential water filtration systems is a dirty filter. This lets chemicals and heavy metals to find its way into drinking water. There are different types of water filtering systems, each of which has its own requirements for maintaining the filter. There are filters than can cleaned and reused. Some filters have to be replaced on a specified date. Homeowners should be mindful of the maintenance needs of their filter and let plumbers keep the filter updated.


Another common issue with water filters is mold. Filters that are moist and warm are prone to the growth of cold spores. Usually, mold develops when the water filter has not been cleaned or replaced on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Replacing a moldy water filter is a must since residents may become ill and have allergic reactions when exposed to mold.


When sediments accumulate in a filter, this can clog the aerator, preventing water from coming out of the faucet. As a result, the water pressure will increase in the pipe and fixture. When the water pressure rises to a very high level, it could cause the pipe to burst. Also, bacterial plaques can accumulate on the filter. This is usually the case with iconic water filtration systems. Plumbers can use treatments like lime removal chemicals to dissolve the buildup of sediments in the aerator and filter. They can also other techniques to disinfect the filter. There are some instances that require the iconic water filter to be replaced.

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