What can a water filter do for your health?

Get Rid of Dissolved Organic Contaminants

In addition to the main contaminants present in water such as chlorine and heavy metals, another concern regarding tap water is dissolved organics, which include drugs, pesticides and hormone residues. Since this issue is rather recent, this still needs to be investigated.

Although there is no scientific proof that traces of these residues in water are harmful when consumed, certainly a water filter could help reduce their effects. The capacity of a water filter to potentially eliminate these contaminants depends on their quality. When the filter has more layers and elements, it can remove a greater quantity of contaminants.

Make Tea Taste Better

There are quite a few things in life held in high regard than a good cup of tea. People have their own way of enjoying tea and anyone who prepares it should know better than to prepare it the way they like it before getting the kettle.

One common benefit given by filtered water when people first heard of it is that it makes tea taste so much better and everyone knows how people love their tea. In areas with hard water or where limescale causes problems, a water filter makes the difference when it is time for a good cuppa.

Reduce Limescale

There are different water filters and when it comes to removing limescale from drinking water, a countertop water filter does the job. Places that have hard water have bigger limescale problems. This is a residue left by calcium carbonate that causes the unsightly scaly layer present in boiled water. A water filter will get rid of the limescale seen in water used for drinking or cooking.

Reduce Cardio Stress

Some may not be aware of this but the benefits of a water filter extend into the world of fitness. Although this may not be the case will all kinds of water filters, according to scientific research, alkalizing supplements can minimize cardio stress after an intense physical workout.

There was a study of two groups, each composing of twelve professional skiers that were tested if ingesting an alkalizing substance could enhance cardiorespiratory, among other performance markers. This resulted to the test group experiencing significant higher levels of upper body strength, lower cardio stress and lower blood lactate levels as compared to the placebo group.

Make it Easier to Drink More Water

One benefit of a countertop filter that is underrated is that it will encourage people to drink lots of water. As per water filter reviews, people have discovered that there was an increase in their water intake when they purchased a new filter.

Clean, drinking water that is rich in minerals is readily available, meaning; they do not have to travel all the way to the grocery to buy bottled water or deal with the unpleasant taste of tap water when they need more hydration.

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